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Since 1999 Trinity Devco founded by Jim Slevin has built Apartment Complexes, High End Custom Homes, Production Housing, Commercial Construction, Production Land Development, Home or Multi-Family Restoration along with numerous smaller contracts including Home Remodel, Room Additions and Commercial Tenant Improvements in the San Francisco, Northern California, San Jose, Vacaville, Fairfield, Napa, Sacramento, East Bay & Surrounding areas.

Three words come to mind to describe Trinity Devco Inc.: Design / Builder / Owner.  You see we at Trinity strive to partner with our customers.  Whether contracted as Design Build Team, or Builder for Owner, or in Partnership with others, we offer no surprises and the ability to build it right the first time.

Trinity has a proven track record in Upper Project Management, and Project Supervision from Land Acquisition, Forward Planning with Project Entitlements, and Land Development through Home or Multi Family Development.  Complete Project Development while maintaining a high proficiency in all computer applications with complete and accurate systems of Construction Documentation.

All large or small Trinity projects can include the Design/Build agreement. Trinity works well with selected Architects for Design Build Projects.

Trinity Devco offers FULL SERVICE CONTRACT / CONSULTING for both General Building Contractor (Class-B) and General Engineering Contractor (Class-A) license classifications.

​Fully Licensed - Fully Bonded - Fully Insured

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